Improve your productivity learning to use G Suite Learning!

Do you know that you dedicate more than 400 hours a year only in managing your mail and your calendar?

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Do you know that you can unsend an email before sending it? Do you know what you can do with hangouts?

Learn G Suite by Google: Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Contact, Drive and earn more than 200 hours a year.


Improve your productivity learning to use G Suite Learning!

The G Suite Learning solution to help you optimize your time because we know how important that is to you.

Because we have not developed a typical training course on G Suite, but we have developed the best App with the best videos on the essential features you need to use these tools is much more effective.


Learn the key and essential features and forget the rest.


Get the most out of G Suite and improve your productivity.


A methodology based on learning models on the latest technological trends.


Access from any device, anywhere, anytime.


To learn in less than a more without dedicating more than 15 minutes each day.


Learn by playing, challenge yourself from your smartphone with GameXperience.

Our method is based on 3 pillars


Internalized the key knowledge from the visualization of high-quality content. In a friendly environment with the 51 video courses that you can make from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Being those that our users and experts have valued as essential.


Evaluate your knowledge through the game's methodologies with GameXperience for G Suite. A simple game where you will train your knowledge in a fun and practical way.

Let yourself be guided

We accompany you during the course so that you have an effective and constant learning with the minimum effort. A model of dynamization in which we will accompany you to learn in an efficient way.


Why learn with mobile?

Application of innovative teaching models based on mobile technology applications and cross-platform structures to promote knowledge development, motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and development of other values Common positives at the corporate level.

What is the purpose of the methodology?

To incorporate new methodologies of training and/or instruction for the development of technical competencies both at a corporate and departmental level, as well as for the development and transmission of values and corporate culture in a context of transformation Digital.

Differential characteristics

Las metodologías de aprendizaje móvil se aplicarán como eje fundamental del desarrollo del aprendizaje. Se trata de una metodología de inmersión multidispositivo, donde se ha añadido la accesibilidad y la monitorización del proceso, lo que permite un aprendizaje inmersivo en los medios móviles. Sobre la base de una serie de píldoras sobre un tema, hemos profundizado el aprendizaje colaborativo, reuniendo la formación y la experiencia.


User Management

Guest Mode:

  • You can view open content or promotional material, you will not have access to subscription content.
  • In the content, there is a button to request to be registered as a user, for the course.

User mode:

  • Access to content by subscription.
  • Remember password.
  • Section "Your Courses", where you directly access the courses you are enrolled in and you can see their progress.
  • Course evaluation.

Content Management

  1. Public Course mode: accessible to any user.
  2. Private Course Mode: Accessible only to registered users.


  1. Automatic advance saving.
  2. Full-Screen button.
  3. Auto start where playback stopped.


  1. Without the degree of approval required. You can continue the course even if the minimum rating was not reached.
  2. With the required degree of approval. It is necessary to pass the evaluation to continue the course. Grades are customizable.


  1. The Possibility of attaching files to a pill or to the course, with the possibility of downloading and sharing by the different media of the Smartphone.
  2. A content search system by text or categories previously defined from BackOffice.


Learn to play, challenge yourself and others from your smartphone.

Features and screens

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Simplify your workflow with G Suite Learning. Learn with your own mobile learning application and measure your productivity.

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